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Apple doesn’t support iCloud on Windows XP, however….

Apple’s iCloud Control Panel for Windows clearly states its minimum requirements are Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 (and for good reason I think, see below…). If you try to install it on Windows XP you get a message saying it won’t work on that version. Some people are stuck on XP for various reasons. For me, my work place is very slow or reluctant to upgrade, sadly. I see on various posts about iCloud and Windows XP the (pointless) discussion going on about – well you should simply upgrade Windows!

You can of course still sync your iDevice direct with your Win XP PC; and with iOS5 you no longer need to plug it in so can be done over your Wi-Fi connection in the background. And of course you can access your iCloud email etc via http://icloud.com.

There are a couple of other ways you can integrate iCloud with Windows XP that I’ve discovered, one is simple synced access to your mail and one is a simple hack of the iCloud Control Panel for Windows:


Run your me.com email via IMAP on Outlook

You can easily set up your iCloud / me.com email address as an IMAP email account in Outlook (and other email programs). This gives access to your Mail folders and Notes, and any changes are synced across your devices.

Settings to use for this in Outlook are:

Add a new Internet mail account, and “Manually configure your server and settings””

Username, if your email is abcde@me.com, it will be abcde.

Password is obviously your iCloud password

Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Server: imap.mail.me.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.mail.me.com

If these servers don’t work for you, can also try:

Incoming Server: p99-imap.mail.me.com
Outgoing Server: p99-smtp.mail.me.com


Incoming Server: p03-imap.mail.me.com
Outgoing Server: p03-smtp.mail.me.com

It may be these different servers are suited to different countries – I don’t know

Go to “More Settings”

On the Advanced tab:

Incoming Server (IMAP). set Port to “993“, …encryption connection select SSL
Outgoing Server (SMTP), set Port to “587” …encryption connection select TSL or Auto

On “Outgoing Server” tab
Check box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” leave “Use same settings as…”

To view & sync special iCloud IMAP folders:

To access the iCloud special folders: Sent, Archive, Drafts, Junk or Trash in Outlook 2010 (which initially creates its own version of these folders): Right click the Mailbox, select “IMAP Folders” and then “subscribe” to the folders you want to see.

Following this you can modify Outlook to use the iCloud folders for Sent and Trash instead of newly created default: Go to Email Accounts, Change, More settings and make the changes in the “Sent Items” and “Deleted Items” tabs. Noting that Outlook it sees Trash as “Deleted Messages” and Sent as “Sent Messages” – but they are the same folders.

This is an essential thing to do if you don’t want two different “Sent Items” (Outlook) and “Sent Messages” (iCloud) folders.


How to hack iCloud Control Panel for Windows to run in Windows XP

There’s a simple hack I found here to get the iCloud Control Panel for Windows to work on XP. I have this running fine on Windows XP and Outlook 2010 (for the moment anyway). This gives me synced access to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Bookmarks. It also can be used to set up your me.com mail as above:

[Update April 2012] Here’s the files you need:

Following files are modified iCloud installation files, (Update Sept 212 – noting these files are original iCloud Control Panel Version 1.1. Apple’s current download is Version 2.0):

  • iCloud.msi (Modified iCloud version 1.1 installation file)
  • iCloud64.msi (Modified iCloud version 1.1 installation file for 64 bit systems)
  • iCloud-exe_extracted.zip (The full extracted version of iCloud.exe version 1.1, with all other msi files, including the two modified files above)
  • iCloudSetup.exe (Original unmodified file from Apple, October 2011 – Version 1.1)

If you want to do it yourself, know what was done to these files, or just know how it works, read on:

iTunes 5.10
Unpacking program e.g. 7-Zip or WinRar
Orca MSI editor

The iCloud setup hack for Windows XP:

  1. Download iCloud Control Panel for Windows. (Update: Apple version has been updated to Version 2.0 since this post – links to copies of the original version 1.1 /files are above)
  2. Open iCloudSetup.exe file with WinRar or 7-Zip and extract.
  3. Navigate to and open the iCloud.msi or iCloud64.msi (for 64bit systems) with Orca.
  4. In the left table select LaunchCondition. Then change in the right table “VersionNT>; = 600” to “VersionNT>; = 200” and Save.
  5. Run modified iCloud.msi and install. (Modified copy of this file; and 64 bit version)
  6. Run iCloud Control Panel, located in the Windows Control Panel, and set up as you want.

And you’re done.

Good luck!


PS: Why doesn’t Apple support Windows XP?

Well, in my opinion, why should they? Even though iCloud works on Windows XP with this easy hack, which is to simply fool the installer that it is compatible with XP, I can fully understand why they don’t want it to be officially compatible. Yes, they could just change the installer at the source and make it compatible – probably not hard… But, think of the numerous issues and support queries that everyone running XP could come up with related to iCloud running smoothly – whether they be the fault of the iCloud software or (more likely) an issue with Windows XP itself, or very specific installation/configuration of XP and the machine it’s on, or just the user’s misunderstanding. Then imagine the resources to reply and deal with those queries if it was officially supported. I would certainly rather Apple leave behind legacy systems (as they often do) and focus on new and future products, wouldn’t you? As Steve Job’s said, death is life’s greatest invention, out with the old to make way for the new…

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  1. This is what I have done. I have created a new subfolder under my me.com email folder, but it is currently empty. The desired content, which I would like to have on the iCloud, is in the traditional Notes link at the buttom of Outlook. If I have done this correctly, how do I get the desired content into the iCloud Notes subdirectory?

    • To use and sync the iCloud Notes in Outlook you need to subscribe to it’s IMAP folder in Outlook, following the instructions given.

      I doubt that creating a new Notes folder in Outlook will sync with iCloud, as I think the only other folders you can sync with IMAP are mail folders.

  2. My PC runs Window 7, my laptop XP and I have an IPhone. I needed all three of them to sync. Thank you so much for the ICloud hack above. I’m now sync’d with all three devices. WOO HOO!! I’m still working out the duplicate posting on my IPhone and hope to have that resolved in another day.
    Thanks again.

  3. When I try to run the modified icloud.msi it tells me that apple mobile support needs to be installed. I have the latest itunes installed which is supposed to have the support automatically installed so I am confused. I stopped and restarted the support in Admin Tools but it didn;t change anything. Any ideas?

    • Same problem for me. I removed itunes and all it’s dependencies and installed again, but didn’t change anything.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking for this for a long time. It works like a charm and now I have everything in sync between my Mac, Ipod touch and the home computer which is the one running XP.
    Thanks again!


  5. Thank you thank you. My iPad, iPhone, MacMini, and Lenovo laptop running XP are all in syb=nc!

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Without it i wouldn’t be able to use icloud sync at work.

  7. anyone experience the following?…
    installation worked fine – but during the setup
    974 of 975 items downloaded – About 5 seconds remaining
    and just hangs there
    hit cancel and tried running multiple times
    always freezes there

  8. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I have spent hours on the phone with internet and apple tech support, and this fixed my issue (only needed to see calendars) in about 20 minutes!

  9. The install worked fine and so did the setup of contacts, calenders and bookmarks but photo stream is grayed out. photo stream is enabled on both my ipad 2 and iphone 4s. please help

  10. Did apple make it so that your fix wont work on XP? I was almost finished with installing and the part where I enter my icloud password hung. After that I could not get the icloud control panel to launch. Any suggestions? Thx

    • First question: Did you download the current iCloud Control Panel installation from Apple or the previous version files I’ve posted?

    • I’m having the same issue. Didn’t see any additional responses here…I’ve downloaded the original 1.1 iCloud-exe_extracted.zip, installed and launched.

  11. Have done as per instruction, however I receive ‘You can’t sign in because of a server error’ when trying to log on.

  12. Worked awesome! Thanks heaps!

  13. After reading all these posts, do I download the iCloud-exe_extracted.zip you posted or do I download the one from Apple.

    • Shavaghn, the files I have posted are the original version of the iCloud Control Panel, which worked. Apple have updated it since – I don’t know if this hack will work in the same manner or not on the new version as I have not tried it yet. If you (or anyone else) does try it and get it to work on XP, let me know. If I find the time I might try editing the new version in the same way and update the post – but the issue there is I rarely use Windows XP these days! Might have a Parallels virtual machine I could test it on somewhere…

  14. Thank you!! I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours, and I’ve just downloaded the 64bit and now it’s all working. Previously, only my iPad and iPhone were syncing, and NOT Outlook. I’m using Windows Vista 64bit and Outlook 2010. I thought it had something to do with the 64bit. Thank you again!!

  15. When I right click on the iCloud I don’t get edit with Orca but I definitely have Orca installed. How can I circumvent this?

    • Exactly which file are you trying to edit, iCloud.exe or iCloud.msi. If .exe you need to extract it first as per the instructions above. If .msi have you tried simply file-open in Orca?

  16. icloud setup is coming in .exe however the icloud that pulls when I hit extract here is icloud.msi. i tried to reopen in orca as well but when i run it the same error code comes up stating that i need to be running on vista or newer.

  17. Thanks so much! Was able to do this and sync WinXP Outlook, iPad and iPhone. However, I believe that I have to default to using the “iCloud” calendars that are set up in Outlook, is that correct? When I use the intrinsic “Outlook” calendar, it doesn’t sync, unless I keep Google Calendar Sync turned on (which seems redundant).

    Also, I did try with the current download version but it didn’t work. I was doing all of this through a remote-in so maybe I missed something, but pretty sure I didn’t. Has anyone else tried and had success with the current download? Is there something I need to turn off in iCloud to prevent it from trying to update?

    Thanks again!!!!

  18. I followed all of the steps but when I go to step #6 nothing happens…what did I do wrong?

    • Hard to know what went wrong without more detail.

      Got to remember this was originally done with an older version of iTunes and things. Which version of iCloud did you use?

      I need to re-run this hack myself on a current XP machine to check if it’s still running under current iTunes etc.

  19. Worked great.Thank you.

  20. I totally followed the instructions. However iCloud still won’t run on my Win XP/SP3 with all updates. Any further thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

  21. when i open icloud, i tries for awhile and then i get the “icloud has encountered an error and has to close comment”. Any suggestions?

  22. […] for Windows officially only supports Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 at this time, but there is a hack available that will allow it to run on Windows XP. var addthis_config = […]

  23. Works beautifully together with my oldfashioned XP System. Thank you so much.

  24. Hello, your setup worked fine the first time I ran it .. but I wanted to delete the default data files in outlook so i could enter new contacts from outlook into my iCloud data base .. and deleted the wrong file.. oops!
    Now when i run iCloud setup for win XO .. i get a C++ runtime error and also an Outlook DAV CONFIG error .. and no contacts are imported. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

  25. I could’nt get to first base. After trying to load the iCloud control panel my pc responded that i needed win 7, Vista or later then there as nowhere for me to go!

    • You need to change iCloud control panel install file as described above before trying to install it, or download and use the already modified files linked to above.

  26. Champoin!!! The ‘modified’ icloud install works perfect on my work PC running XP.

    Thanks heaps!

  27. installed the modified 32 bit program on two different computers with Windows XP SP3. On both the program appears to install just fine but as I login with two different Apple ID’s it says “iCloud has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” and closes the program. Looking at the error report generated it has this information at the beginning of the file huge file.

    AppName: icloud.exe AppVer: ModName: icloud_main.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 00013415

    any suggestions would be great.



    • Same error message on my Window XP too.

    • Have you tried the iCloud control panel version 1.1 files linked above?

  28. Constantly crashes for me also, at the Applie ID login part. Errors are:
    AppName: icloud.exe
    ModName: icloud_main.dll
    Offset: 00010225

    My system is running Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

    I have tried installation with both YOUR modified file, as well as the original 1.1 unmodified file (which I then modified myself also from 600 -> 200). The above errors are from the latter attempt.

    Please help..!!

  29. Installed it on XP-SP3 and iCloud keeps crashing. What do I have to do now ?

  30. Blimey, it worked!! You are a total genius! I’ve lost the ability to get icloud mail on my iMac g5 so I had to resort to my XP PC. Your fix worked like a dream!

  31. Great stuff with that tweak

  32. 1. Will this hack work for iCloud version 2.0, which I understand fixed some bugs such as incorrect contact birthdays?

    2. If not, are there disadvantages to using iCloud version 1.1?


  33. It works on Windows XP. I Navigate to and open the iCloud.msi or iCloud64.msi (for 64bit systems) with Orca.
    In the left table select LaunchCondition. Then change in the right table “VersionNT>; = 600” to “VersionNT>; = 100” and Save.
    It works able to run on Windows XP.

  34. installed ok, I can sign in but all buttons greyed out, except manage. Any ideas?

  35. You are brilliant – thank you so much! My son’s school has given him a laptop, problem is it’s XP and we’re an Apple household! A note – on my Macs the server works with the “p03″ prefix, on the Windows XP laptop is doesn’t use a prefix at all (just imap or smtp)

  36. Thanks a lot for this info!! My XP now runs iCloud!!

  37. Downloaded ZIP, extracted and ran.Completed the setup and went to configure. Currently, a second window is open with no controls evident; the control window hows Calensdarand Email as’Setting Up’, but nothing else ios happening. Been in this state for 20 minutes

  38. The latest 2.1.2 no longer works with this method. The setup work fine, but the installed iCloud doesn’t work. When start the iCloud control panel, ask you for credential, then pressing OK the program stop to run with a run-time application error (The instruction 0x… referenced to a memory location 0x… can’t be ‘read’ ecc……..). So definitively, iCloud control panel doesn’t work anymore with XP.
    Also you can’t use the old version for compatibility issue with cloud and doesn’t work in any case.

    • Oh well, technology does move on eventually! And this post is coming up to two years old.

      It was working a month ago – be interested if any readers still get this to work!

      My advice if you’re on XP … switch to OSX and don’t look back!

  39. Many thanks. Now have iCloud on my resurrected HP Pavillion. Pete, Member IEEE

  40. Thanks!! Worked!! Running XP on a Dell, knowing it is time to build me a new computer and come out of the dark ages, but where do i find the time?!! Real issue is pulling the photos from my iPad to my desktop and not enough iCloud storage without buying more!! Definitely beginning to dislike the Apple products. Would be so easy if I could only plug in a stick and backup the photos! Want to download the new IOS but not enough space left on the iPad, problems, problems, problems

  41. Worked great first time! However both Mail and Photo stream are greyed out. Thoughts?

    • Photostream doesn’t work on XP, as described, and mail may depend on what mail app you have installed on your PC. Descriptions given above on how to get me.com email working as IMAP without the iCloud app.

  42. wow thankyou so so much,you have just made a family very very happy!!! thankyou thankyou thankyou

  43. The program installed, but when I attempt to open the iCloud Control Panel (through windows control panel) I get the following error message:
    Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point_objc_init_image could not be located in the dynamic link library objc.dll

    I installed it one another computer for someone else and it worked. Any suggestions?

    • Maybe someone can help. But it’s getting so old, XP, and there are so many configurations with different update statuses, maintained differently it wound be hard to support and figure out.

      Microsoft stop supporting XP next month!

      Your best bet is to search for your error and see if someone else has come across something similar.

  44. Thanks very much – using you settings for outlook to get .me emails – I’ve had few attempts that sometimes worked oddly enough. Apple doesn’t seem to acknowledge we need the info

  45. I appreciate this but having trouble setting it up. Since icloud Control Panel couldn’t be installed on my Windows XP PC, how do I do this step:
    Navigate to and open the iCloud.msi or iCloud64.msi (for 64bit systems) with Orca.
    I downloaded Orca fine but don’t know where to “look” to “open” icloud.msi
    I don’t even think icloud.msi is on my PC yet. Thanks!

    • You need to read and follow all the instructions given. You need to download iCloud control panel. As the version that will now be available from Apple may not modify as per the instructions you should probably download the version I have provided links to, includes ones that have already been modified so you don’t even need orca etc.

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