Jun 202012

AirPlay Mirroring on Apple TV

Many Mac fans will know from the recent Apple Keynote speech at the 2012 WWDC, of the impending release of OSX10.7 Mountain Lion and it’s ability to match the iPad 2 (or later) and iPhone 4S’ capability to mirror their screen on an Apple TV via AirPlay. This will be great once it is released later this year.

Mac OSX Snow Leopard & Lion on Apple TV

You may not be aware that there is way to do this right now and with OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or greater:


With AirParrot, Apple TV and a Mac you can:

  • Mirror your any Screen
  • Extend your desktop to use as second/third screen
  • Stream a single App full screen
  • Audio Streaming
  • Supports 1080p for third generation Apple TVs

It works great. The trial version works for 20 minutes then you have to restart, so you can fully test it out before purchasing, but it is not expensive! As it works over your wireless network and is transferring a lot of data there is some lag so it’s not for fast gaming use, but it is perfect for many other uses.

Windows XP or greater on Apple TV

And guess what? There is also a solution for the Windows users out there, even as far back as old XP:


That’s right, AirParrot has a Windows version too.

It is currently limited compared to the Mac version, but it still can:

  • Mirror your Screen
  • Audio Streaming
  • Supports 1080p for third generation Apple TVs

We needed this for our work to show/present on a big TV in the meeting room. We have a mix of Windows and Macs in the office so needed a solution to work for both. This is the reason why I’m posting this here as it took me quite a bit of searching to find a good wireless solution for Windows. Try searching for “Wireless Windows Desktop Mirroring TV” in Google and see how easily you can pick it up (without knowing in advance that AirParrot works for Windows or including “Apple TV” in your search). That is why I’ve titled this post to include “Windows” to hopefully make it easier for people to find…

Other Wireless Windows solutions

There are other reasonably priced options for Windows to connect to your TV. These all require a Dongle as opposed to installing software and using your current wireless network – which has its advantages and disadvantages. e.g. Some may work quicker / have less lag as it is using its own wireless link rather than through your wireless network (check reviews of products – I’ve not tested anything).

None of these have the other features available with an Apple TV, features which will increase/improve with software updates, and they won’t work with an iPad/iPhone. Software updates and additional further features of these products below are unlikely – (see commend under Veebeam one!)


Warpia Various products that can stream by use of a USB or HDMI port Dongle like the StreemEZ. USB versions don’t support Mac

Veebeam HD

USB dongle, also support Mac but only up to Snow Leopard, 10.6. They literally can’t be bothered to update and deal with Lion or Mountain Lion, and amusingly even go as far as to recommend in a sad little FAQ:

“you do not upgrade to Lion”

“installing Lion on your Mac as a separate partition”

“if you have already upgraded to Lion, you can make a new partition and re-install Mac OS X 10.6 so that you can then run Veebeam”

Other Solutions

I’ve not reviewed or checked many other solutions or more expensive ones (i.e. > $150). Some weren’t worth mentioning, especially if they didn’t support Full HD. However I certainly appreciate any comments or suggestions of other options for future readers of this post.

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