Revolutionizing the residential rental market

Aptuno is a technology platform focused exclusively on facilitating the residential rental experience.
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Our Work
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The Challenge

Building a rental platform MVP with short time to market and integrating it with existent real estate CRMs with a focus on geolocation and search functionality.

The Solution

We developed a modular and flexible platform with an iterative approach defined by the interaction with business and design, understanding the needs of the market while the MVP evolved into a consolidated product.

Juan Martín Delgado
Juan Martín DelgadoFounder
Super reliable, technical, and business-wise. Decision-making was so smooth I personally entrusted them with so many tasks. Today we still have the code they built, scaling over time. MVP had the correct scope, method, architecture, and language. 42i's front and back-end developers demonstrated to us they're a perfect match for finding+making critical decisions. Otherwise, it'd be much to bear.
Tech Specs
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • OpenGraph
  • Elastic
  • TypeScript
  • Docker
  • GCP
Working on Aptuno I learned details are everything. Features became highlighted in this enormous real state platform. Was a real pleasure to develop it with the Tech Stack and also with the professional team of Aptuno.

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