Discount events made easy

Pulip is a high-performance, high-availability and ultra-customizable marketplace for organizing online discount events and boost the sales of your business.
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  • Backoffice
  • Backend
  • Frontend for Events
Our Work
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Digital Product Development
  • Software Development
  • CTO-as-Service

The Challenge

Maintaining multiple high-availability high-demand platforms with similar behavior but different commercial rules.

The Solution

We made a unified platform that creates and manages high-availability events.

Vanesa Gambirazio
Vanesa GambirazioFounder & Director
The synergy between ID4you and 42i was essential to creating Pulip and its BO system. Professionalism and creativity allowed us to take a leap in quality by applying trends and best practices for performance, which let us iterate on UI Hotsales events designs
Tech Specs
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • DynamoDB
  • Lambda Functions
  • SQS
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
Ariel M
Ariel MDeveloper
Pulip was meant to be a school where both technical and human skills were developed. Using a variety of web tools and programming languages not only strengthened my knowledge but also added new ones. Tight deadlines and intense roadmaps were nothing but a great challenge to prove myself and give my best. And lastly, soft skills such as effective communication were developed constantly with the stakeholders involved

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